Catholic Student Chaplaincy L├╝beck

KSG - What's that?

As part of the archdiocese Hamburg are we, the Catholic Student Chaplaincy Lübeck, a group of students from various disciplines and local universities. The chaplaincy is a place where we discuss biblical and Christian questions and relax in a friendly atmosphere.
The KSG offers you the possibility to get involved with students from Germany and abroad. Maybe you will even find some new friends. You are very welcome to join us at our meetings!

Our meetings

We meet every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm in the Bassewitzkeller and have dinner together followed by either a discussion, a talk or a nice evening of fun and games. You can find more details in our program.


Our regular “Gemeindeabende” (Chaplaincy nights) take place at the Bassewitzkeller which is located in the sublevel Gesellenhaus in the Old Town. The provost church and the Haus der Begegnung are right beside the Gesellenhaus. The closest bus stop is Fegefeuer. Some events take place at the St. Vicelin church in the St. Jürgen district. The closest bus stop is Kastanienallee.


Bassewitzkeller -
Gesellenhaus sublevel
(Bell: KSG)
Parade 8
23552 Lübeck
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Herz Jesu provost church
and Haus der Begegnung

Parade 4
23552 Lübeck
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St. Vicelin church

Mönkhofer Weg 84
23562 Lübeck
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If you have any questions or need help, contact our student council.